kristine woods
  archive studio
Guests in the Field is an invitation for artists to weave on an 8-harness floor loom in my studio. In the 21st century weaving is part of our vernacular and yet peculiar. From a use perspective, cloth—and therefore weaving—is second nature to us but at the level of production, weaving is likely to be unfamiliar to most people. It is exactly this likelihood that underlays Guests in the Field. When artists use an unfamiliar technology the strangeness of the new and the residue of the familiar combine and become material for form. Decision-making, process, resolution, attention and all the effects of habit are in relief against the particularities of the new technology. There are also pleasures and frustrations when working on a new apparatus. Encounters with new pleasures and frustrations change the way we make things. I am interested in all of this.