kristine woods
  studio recent

Wall. Drywall, 2x4, paint, 1/2 round molding. 8'x10'. 2001. In the foreground is Rug, a companion piece to Wall. Silk thread, dimensions variable.

Wall is an 8'x10' white wall with its shoe molding installed upside-down. Shoe molding is an architectural detail that creates visual stability by rounding the wall plane into the plane of the floor. Inverting this detail introduces a sense of instability so subtle that Wall can be mistaken as a pre-existing wall lacking an event—waiting for a painting to be hung on it.

Rug consists of several tufts of silk pile inserted into the floor. Rather than performing the function of a rug the strands appear to be growing out of the floor. They become organic to the built environment. Usually, the rug and the wall are invisible. They hide things. In both of these pieces, decorative elements fail to competently perform their functions. Instead, they become conscious of their artifice.