kristine woods
  studio recent

Trimmed Room. Luan plywood, ric rac, paint. Room-size. 2000.

In Trimmed Room an entire room is constructed as an inquiry into gender, labor, and language. The investigation occurs through a carefully considered use of materials. Ric-Rac is a complex textile usually relegated to the edge of a garment. Here it becomes a central feature when it is compressed between luan floorboards, trimming the cracks of the entire floor. Luan is a construction-grade plywood commonly used for the unseen parts of building construction. Here it is laid down as the actual floorboards.

This inversion of finish materials and construction materials holds the viewer curiously stuck between the veneer of the resolved and the rawness of the unfinished. The remaining elements of Trimmed Room, the baseboard and the window, are painted directly onto the wall surface in black.

The elements in Trimmed Room are incongruous by degree: the floor and room appear correct but one subtle wrong leads the viewer to look more closely, finding that, while the construction is meticulously correct, no convention is adhered to.