kristine woods
  studio recent

Mt. Royal Ave. (in collaboration with Susie Brandt). Hand hooked wool rugs. Each rug 4'x4'. 2005.

Mt. Royal Ave. is a series of three hand-hooked wool rugs—gingham, polka dot and floral. Re-processed wool clothing was used to make traditional hand-hooked rugs, harkening back to a time before iron tree grates became common in most North American cities. Urban landscapes are characterized by post-industrial standardization, so ubiquitous it becomes invisible. Standardization promotes efficiency instituting the height, width, length, and weight of our urban lives. Commercial fabric is mass-produced, rolled onto a bolt, and sold by the yard. Standard widths— 45" or 54" or 60" —correlate with virtually every commercially produced sewing pattern sold in the world today. In the series titled Mt. Royal Ave., the anachronistic rugs are custom fit to match the standardized forms of the city block.