kristine woods
  studio recent

Baltimore Erratic (in collaboration with Susie Brandt). Chip bags, industrial salvage, informational plaque, 2000 feet of handmade rope. 2006.

Baltimore Erratic was installed on the grounds of Evergreen House, the Italianate mansion that was the former home of the founder of the B & O railroad, in Baltimore. The sculpture is an oversized skein-in-the-landscape made from hand made rope. The rope is made from salvaged and recycled materials and chip bags collected in Baltimore, MD and Brooklyn, NY. The plaque is built to resemble the display panels describing glacial erratics—fragments of glacial till carried by ice and deposited on rocks of a different geologic composition. The composition of the rope sculpture is not mineral, but it's made of detritus that collects all over the city of Baltimore. A ball of consumer culture debris, a contemporary erratic.